Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Leaving on the Camino from Paris: Bon Chemin!!

Bon jour!

Here is the small amount of info that I could find for our French teachers and their students in Paris last month. 

It is said that there were/are two departure points for the Camino in Paris. One was originally from the church Saint Jacques-de-la-Boucherie (see link to an interactive visit of this tower on a previous blog entry). 

The other is from the left-most door of the Cathedral of Notre Dame as you look from the front of the cathedral. We were told that somewhere above that door was a scallop she'll carved in stone, but as hard as we looked we could not find it. We did, however, manage to get our first Camino stamp from the people of Notre Dame when they found out that we are pilgrims!

I have enclosed photos of both structures in the link below.

Au Revoir!

M. Hastings

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